Showbiz World

Sports, Entertainment ,Consultancy


Through the special sports expertise of Showbiz World, we undertake turnkey projects to establish sports facilities in the country with projects covering schools, recreational grounds and private establishments.


Events whether sports or entertainment requires some sort of sponsorship to function. Commercial activities often require funding for its huge budget.


We partner with local and foreign institutions to provide sports education programmes on scholarship for short to long term courses in the area of sports development..


We are well connected at all levels of sports; this has enabled us to support our talented athletes throughout every stage of their career.


We at Showbiz World undertake Events of any scale and carry themout right from conceptualization to its successful completion.Showbiz World plays by its market stimulus and detailed understanding of the client needs, to prepare any event or promotion in a specific, cost effective, time-bound way with quality checks and flawless activation.


We take care of our artist mainly in the entertainment business and creative management. Through our experience in the international music/film business, we support artists/ celebrities in the best way close to emerging market trends to establish global market network with producers, distributors, publishers, etc towards a common goal of reaching to the top mark.